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  • CRX is running again!!! Now has a S300, new block - more info to be posted in a few weeks
  • I'm a dad!! Yep, it takes less time to create new life than it does to fix a CRX lol
  • Main page, diary, guestbook updated
  • 02/09/2007

  • Hungover weekend!

  • On Friday I went to Manchester with a bunch of people I used to work with. There's pictures on my Facebook profile here...

  • It was a brilliant night, but not getting to bed until gone 5am meant I wasn't feeling too great on Saturday (ok, lager and Jack Daniels might have something to do with it).

  • It was good meeting up with everyone anyway, and I still can't believe women actually fell for mine and Darrens "I'm a racing driver and he's an astronaut line"!

  • 27/08/2007

  • Busy weekend!

  • On Friday I went to a Country Manor to work on an IT problem, this place was stunning. There was also a Jaguar XJ220 in the garage with only 3 miles on it!!!

  • Later on I went quad biking with Mark from work. He knows quite few of the local farmers and they let him use the quad on their land. Quads are awesome!

  • On Sunday I was at Old Trafford to watch Manchester United against Spurs, Utd won 1-0. I was right in the middle of the Streford End, the atmosphere was fantastic.

  • I was around the back of the stadium and saw Gary Neville arrive, Je Sung Park and Wayne Rooney. I also had Coleen (Rooneys girlfriend) walk right past me, I tried to quickly take a pic but someone got in the way (guy in orange coat on the pics page). She's pretty tasty actually :)

  • Various pics from the weekend here...

    Important: Save the cheerleader, save the world.
  • 19/08/2007

  • Had an eventful day on Saturday! I was in B&Q and Will Mellor was stood in the queue behind me. I should have realised something was going on, the girls at the checkout were acting all excited and I should have known it wasn't for me!

  • The real drama came later on. A friend of mine had just got a Nissan Skyline GTR, I went around and he took me out for a short drive. He was going around a very slight bend at 60MPH (thats a normal speed for that road, he wasn't driving daft), the back end of the car stepped out and we spun off the road - backwards into a hedge and metal fence.

  • We basically went into the hedge backwards on my side, the car spun again impacting the rear and then the driver side. So in total it did a full 360 degree spin impacting every panel on the car. He had only got the car a few hours before and now it's a write off.

  • We were both shook up a bit, but luckily no injuries at all.

    Before1     Before2
    After1     After2     After3     After4     After5

  • 12/08/2007

  • Some of the interior is now removed from the car, also we took the engine out yesterday! Read more here

  • Updated car repair page.
  • Disabled the guestbook due to all the spam. I have found a script that should stop it, but I just haven't time to implement it at the moment.

  • My sister has started her own company in Tenerife doing beauty treatments - sure you'll do brill Emma, hope it goes well.
  • The guy I work with has handed in his notice, so I'm going to be stupidly busy over the next couple of months until we've got a replacement in and settled.
  • 08/07/2007

  • It's Back!
  • Yep, as you've probably seen from the front page, I've now got the car back - and also the bits required to get it working again. Read more here

  • Changed the front page to new graphic.
  • Added new page about getting the car working again.HERE
  • Deleted all the crap out of the guestbook, but it will probably be back again soon. Will update links and try to block spam when I get time (hmmm, house/car/job.... could be a while!)

  • Job is mega busy but coming along quite well, would still rather do more management than technical work.
  • House is still being continually worked on, the latest is a new carpet on the stairs and landing. I'm really chuffed with it, and it's mega spongey :)
    Stairs1     Stairs2     Landing

  • 12/06/2007

  • Anybody want to buy Viagra?

  • Yep, my guestbook is once again swamped with spam advertising Viagra and various other things. For the moment I can't be bothered to wipe it all, since it always comes back again. I'll stick some sort of antispam on there soon to try and stop it. Thank you to the sexy sounding woman who phoned me a couple of weeks ago to tell me ;)

  • The house has really lept along recently, wallpapering, painting and even my new fire fitted. I've also got up some really cool pics, one is a MASSIVE canvas of a shoreline and the others are of New York. Once I've finished glossing the banister then I'm getting new carpets put down.

  • Work is ultra busy, but I am doing some days at home now - I tend to get way more done at home than compared to in the office.

  • Not long until my birthday!!! :D

  • I've emailed System-R a couple of times about getting the car back but so far they've not replied! I'll probably pop down there to see what's going on, I can't really understand the delay since the car is just taking up room in their garage.

  • 08/05/2007

  • Loz hates mornings.

  • I'm settling into the new job pretty well and the people I'm working with all seem decent and very upbeat. It would be great if it's wasn't for the travelling!

  • I'm driving from Manchester to Sheffield every day, roughly 2 hours each way. 4 hours commuting a day isn't much fun, I've never been the best at getting up early - so being out the house for 7am to get to work for 9 is taking some getting used to!

  • Hopefully I should be able to start working from home more in a couple of weeks, when a show I'm preparing for is out of the way. Currently I've just worked from home 1 day, but it was fantastic!!!

  • The pool table is proving VERY popular. I've even had one (drunk) woman strip off on my pool table!!! Normally that's not a bad thing, but I told her to get off....well, that table was bloody expensive... I didn't want it getting marked!!

  • I went to see Derren Brown at the Lowry. WOW - what an utterly amazing show!!! He pointed me out at one point and I had a horrible thought that I was going to get dragged on stage, but luckily didn't (phew).

  • The car will be leaving System-R soon, I'm getting it brought back home whilst I wait for the wiring loom, they need the space back. I'll look at doing the work myself with Daves help.

  • 28/04/2007

  • Updated NetVU Installer to version 3.0 along with new screenshot. Can be downloaded from\utils

  • 24/04/2007

  • It's all change!!!

  • Well I've left DM now, I went to the pub during lunch on Thursday with quite a few people then at night a gang of us went into Manchester for a night out. I'm really going to miss the people I worked with there.

  • On my last day everyone crowded around my desk and one of the bosses said a few words, then I did. They presented me with a card with more signatures (and funny comments) than I can count, also a going away present of a day driving a rally car. Hmmm, why does everyone have this impression I like driving cars fast??? ;)

  • The night in Manchester was fantastic, we started at Rain bar then onto Fab bar before ending up in 5th Avenue - OMFG.... what an awesome place!! We were there till 3am, every song was a jump up and down one - the place was mental!!! PICS HERE

  • A HUGE thank you to everyone at DM, and it was very nice to have them say that if I ever wanted to come back then I would be welcome. I didn't think leaving would bother me that much, but in the end it really did - I didn't realise just how many good friends I made!

  • My pool table is installed now, here are a couple of pics.. Pool Table Pic1, Pool Table (and Nominous off CRX-UK) Pic2

  • My new car has arrived too, it's a Volvo S40 Sport. I'll have to get up some actual pics of it - but it's exactly the same as this one, down to the colour and wheels.. S40 PIC

  • Tim in NZ has found someone who has a loom so is in the process of getting that sent over - Tim you're a star!! If you're ever in the UK then pop by for a drink and a drive (well, not in that order obviously)!

  • Nominous (guy in the pool table pic) has room at his house for my CRX, so we will move it there when he's fully moved in and get it finished.

  • 15/04/2007

  • Knives are sharp...

  • Nat popped around to say hi during the week, we keep in touch witht the occasional email or phone call - but this is the first time we had actually seen each other for a few months.

  • Whilst around she showed me how to make her favorite mushrooms receipe. During this she 1) Nearly took the end off her finger with the knive. 2) Mentioned how sharp the knives are when it stuck into the bread board.

  • Now you think after those 2 things she would have been careful... hence it was a bit of a surprise when cutting the bread she suddenly started swearing a lot and jumping around the kitchen before sticking her hand under the tap. She somehow managed to slice through the bread and quite a bit of her little finger!!

  • I ended up cutting one of my tea towels in half to use as a makeshift bandage before driving her to the local hospital - and after that a quick trip to the local supermarket to get some plasters and bandages!

  • Nat - it was nice catching up, but next time I'll do the cooking and you just supervise.. ok ;)

  • Tomorrow will be the start of my last week at DM, I finish on Thursday and Friday is going to be pretty hectic - I've got cable TV being installed, my new car being delivered and a night in Manchester as my leaving doo!!

  • 11/04/2007

  • The date in Warrington a couple of weeks ago went very very well, I'm not putting any more details than that on here! ;)

  • I leave my current work in about 1 weeks time, it's going to be strange leaving but I'm looking forward to the new challenge.

  • I'm very seriously considering motorbike lessons and getting a motorbike - am I having a mid life crisis at only 30???

  • The 'LOZ FACTS'. Ok, that facts thing at the top of the page is actually linked to where you can find lots of 'facts' about Chuck Norris - I replaced his name with mine as a laugh. I didn't realise how dodgy some of those quotes are, Loz is not gay ok!!!

  • Nothing more has happend with the car, we've not found another car to try my ECU and Dizzy on - also I'm hanging fire until I get another loom off Tim in NZ.

  • 26/03/2007

  • I didn't realise it had already been a month since I last posted on here!! Dave and I put the loom back in the car, had fuel pressure but no spark - Dammit!!

  • We think the loom is ok, but to be on the safe side I'm arranging to get one imported from Tim in New Zealand. In the mean time we removed the ECU and distributor and Dave was planning to try them in his car. Unfortunatly he's in the middle of moving house and can't find his conversion harness to fit it!

  • So as it stands, I'm either waiting for the new loom to arrive or for Dave to finish moving and hopefully find his loom to test.

  • BIG NEWS!!!! A New Years resolution has been completed!

  • Last Monday I handed in my notice at work. I've got the opportunity to join a customer of theirs for a lot more money, company car, training and I can work from home some days!! The job is also a good step forward in my career and I needed a new challenge.

  • This weekend will be pretty busy too. Out in Stockport for Lee's big 30 on Friday, then out with a nice young lady on Saturday :)
  • 26/02/2007

  • Dave and I will be going to System-R one weekend next month to wire up the car. If it runs and doesn't show any error codes then it's just a case of checking everything else, then putting it through it's MOT (obviously expired after being off the road for 2 years) and taxing it.

  • I decided to take Monday off work, only to chill out at home and relax a bit. It seems I've been working quite a lot of hours and then running around doing other things I need to do in my spare time so it was good just to take an extra day off. Having said that, I ended up nipping into Racemodz to get the brakes replaced on my Mondeo - only to realise I needed 3 new tyres too. I think I'll slow down and leave the racing until I'm back in the CRX again!!!

  • Hi to my little sister Emma. I hope the house you and Ed are buying together is going well!! I'm sure your cat will be fine once she's settled in. At least you dont have to worry about her trying to jump off a balcony now!! I've put the pics from Xmas and New Year up for you CLICK HERE - I'm not in fancy dress so I dont mind putting them on here.... I wont be laughed at ;)

  • Talking of being laughed at... I was in a place called Costco which is a cash and carry place where you have to have a membership card. My card has a less than flattering pic of me on it (it was a dodgy camera, a poor printer and gives the impression I'm a tad overweight). When I was in there last week I passed the card to the woman behind the checkout who looked at the card, looked at me, then said 'o dear' and started laughing!!! I told her it wasn't my card, I had just borrowed it off my fat twin... and not to tell anyone. It's not the first time I've had the mickey taken cos of that pic either!!! At least I look far better in real life!!

  • 10/02/2007

  • Updated the Forged Build page with info and pics of the CRX (pretty much what I've put below in this diary page).

  • My parents are in Tenerife seeing my sister for a week, they're in the sun whilst I'm driving to work in the snow!!! Grrrrr. Talking of snow, I live about 20 miles from work - there's plenty of snow there but nothing where I live?? How can should a tiny distance make such a difference, WTF - this country is crazy!

  • The christening was REALLY FUN, Lee's sister got drunker than I've even seen anyone get drunk before (even way more than Lee) - it made for a very entertaining day and night. She was rather motified the next day when she started to remember the things she said and did. Dont worry Emma - I'll never tease you about it, well..... maybe not never ;)

  • Here's a pic for Lee and Claire of my living room - your old coffee table looks way better in my house than it did in yours lol.. **PIC**

  • More CRX news!!!!
  • Nominous has repaired the loom and attached OBD1 connectors, he brought it with him when he started his first day at DM.

  • I went back to SystemR with Nominous and he explained what he had done with the loom. After the discussion he decided with SystemR that he will fit the loom himself on their premises - with his help I'm feeling pretty good about getting it back on the road!

  • 15/01/2007

  • Added a new version of NetVU_Installer to my software page. Some people at DM are saying they now want to make this into an official product!! Not bad considering I only did it as a little project to teach myself some VB programming skills!

  • Going to IIPSEC to do the buildup for the show next week. I've been saying for a while I dont want to do the actual exhibition, just the buildups - and they've listened!!!

  • In 2 weeks time I'm going to be a Godfather! Lee and Claire are getting their baby girl Hannah Louise christened at the end of the month and they've asked me to be godfather. I can only assume it's down to the sterling job I did as his best man a couple of years back, and that I'm so responsible...... errrrrrrmm, yeah that must be it!

  • The new years resolutions are still going strong!!! There are a couple I've also been doing which I didn't mention on here before. 1)Go back to wearing a suit for work. 2)Be more positive.    I'm still managing both, although people at work are sure I've got some secret promotion since I'm suddenly in a shirt and tie!! I do look dam fine in it though (hey not my words, I was told)!

  • Graham - Weather is no excuse, you put it off for long enough now... get using that board (mum wants pics as proof, or possibly just for a bloody good laugh).

  • Funniest thing on the internet. Reading through this made me laugh so hard I had half the office around my desk to see what it was (and I work in a big open plan office). Steve eats rather dodgy things then reports on it. Now I dont mean eating kangaroos testicales or anything, this is food you can buy from the local supermarket (not in this country thank christ)...


  • 09/01/2007

  • Changed the font colours on the happy new year message after some smart arse who shall remain anonymous (you know who you are haha) pointed out that yellow is meant to be for car info only.

  • 02/01/2007

    Happy New Year!!!!

  • Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!!!!

  • I've got to say that it was brilliant for me, probably the best I've had ever!!! It was really nice to have my sister back from Tenerife (still here till Friday) and we've all had a really good laugh - especially at the rather embarrasing fancy dress party in the Italian Job on Christmas Eve!! Those photos will never EVER be posted on this site :)

  • Today was the first day back at work, luckily I've recovered pretty well from the New Years party so managed to make it to work this morning - having to get up early was a bit of a killer though!!!

  • Graham - have you managed to use your surf board yet???? If need be I can always give you some lessons, I'm actually getting pretty good at it myself now :) Also get yourself around here to check out the house!!

  • Any new years resolutions readers???? I've got a few....

  • Get a new job by summer, I've gotten rather lazy in pushing my career forward since I'm earning enough money to buy the things I need - but I could easily be earning another 10K on top of my current salary if I pushed harder again. Saw a brilliant job working for MI5 (if I told you what I did for a job, would I then have to kill you?), and with my IT and CCTV background I was perfect - but the role is in London.. o well.

  • Look into doing some IT work in my spare time. I am toying with the idea of trying to work for myself, maybe mix with contracting - but I would only do that if there was an abundance of work available.

  • Do a minimum of 5 mins on my cross trainer each day (start low and build up, otherwise I'll never do it) and at least 20 sits on my situp bench and 20 reps on my weights!

  • Get the CRX back on the road by May, this should be easily done if the loom comes back ok from Dave.

  • 06/12/2006

  • I love it when a plan comes together!!!!

    I've got the JDM EF8 loom back from the garage and apart from the ECU end it's actually in pretty good condition!

    Nominous of the CRX-UK forum is now going to take a look at the loom and says it shouldn't be a problem to repair it - and even do it with the OBD1 connectors on.

    Mark Eley has also been in touch to offer both his loom as a loan if Dave needs it, and also to help with getting the car properly running again once the loom is back in.

    Tim Jones from New Zealand has also been in touch offering one of his spare EF8 looms!

    Isn't it cool that you can have a problem and thanks to the internet you even get people from the other side of the planet offering to help you out!!! It's a shame the media never seem to highlight that side of the internet, but just keep jumping on the 'full of pedos' bandwagon.

  • Other things....

  • Nat sent an email just saying hello which was nice, hi if you're reading this :)

  • Thursday is the 1st of quite a lot of days off work I'll be having this month. I didn't realise how many days holiday I had left and I'm now only in the office 4 more days before the Christmas break!

  • On Friday I've got the 1st of 2 Christmas doo's. My new house looks like it's going to turn into a temporary works hotel that night!!! Now if I can just talk the guys out of staying and get the seriously hot new purchasing girl around it will be a great night lol!!!

  • Saturday will see the chimney and fireplace all done. Thank gawd for that!!!!!

  • I'm probably not meeting with Amy again, we got on ok but didn't really 'click'. On Sunday night I'm going out with a woman called Karen from Didsbury (anyone who's been Didsbury knows what the women there look like)!!! Do blondes have more fun??? Guess I'll find out when I meet up with her!
  • 28/11/2006

  • Car News!!!!

    Yep, I've actually got an update about the car - which is a pretty unusual thing to be talking about on my website these days!!!

    The garage have been in touch saying that they have had the car turning over, but since there are still quite a few connectors they aren't sure about it's best to try and get an siR loom.

    I'm now in the process of trying to hunt one down, although I may already have a loan one available off Mark Eley - the garage might be able to use this as a reference for repairing the old loom.

    Either way it's encouraging news and I'm pretty taken aback by the messages I've already had from people who are excited at the possibility of this car being back on the road again!

    A REALLY big thank you to Mark who was on the phone straight away to offer the loan of his loom, and also Dale for the offer of helping out (and also the comments about my dating exploits haha)!

    I've got to admit to being rather apathetic in my interests of the car over the past couple of months, but now I'm really fired up about getting this back on the road again. I've been in a few 'fast' cars since, but nothing has ever been like to how that thing feels - not even close...

  • Other things....

  • Met up with Amy again and went for a meal in a nice country pub which overlooks the city, it was a really nice night.

  • Went out around Stockport with Lee and Mike (old school mates) for the first time in ages, had a great night but didn't find it fun having to get up at 7am the next morning to get home for a delivery!!!

  • The gas meter has now been changed and I've now found someone to sort the chimney and fireplace - result!!!

  • Hi to my little sister who's currently enjoying a whole MONTHS holiday in America!!! After trying every ride in Florida she's now on her way to New York where they've got an apartment rented right on Central Park!!! As a Friends fanatic she'll probably be looking for the nearest coffee house.
  • 20/11/2006

  • It's done...

    Painting the bathroom ceiling is done.... as the saying goes, better late than never!!

    I also had new windows fitted in both the front and back doors at weekend which gives more privacy, also the rear door was adjusted so it's not as awkward to close now.

    I met up with Amy (woman with the MGF) and WOW! She's really attractive and such a nice person, we seemed to have a lot in common. It's worrying my mum seems to be able to find better women for me than I can! I couldn't tell if she's really interested in me, she was a little quiet but maybe that's shyness. We've been texting each other everyday since and hopefully we're going out again in the next few days. She's certainly someone I would like to spend more time with and get to know better.

    Congrats to Darren on moving into his new house today. I took the day off work to help him and I'm totally knackered now. I think I'll be climbing into the bath for a soak after writing this, I just hope I've got the strength to get out again! I've now got both his old 2 seater sofas too, which look almost new and are far more comfy that the ones I did have!

    Next up for the house is the new Gas meter on Wednesday, finally I wont have that stupid card thing running out all the time!
  • 12/11/2006

  • Busy busy...

    Well painting the bathroom ceiling is almost done, I came back from Sunday dinner at my parents and actually did some more of it (first time since my last post). It's now very nearly finished!

    I saw Nat during the week, only to pick up some Avon stuff she ordered for my mum. It was nice to see her again and we were ok with each other, it feels good that we seem to have parted on reasonable terms now and nothing had ended in a nasty way. It was strange that I didn't feel 'strange' when seeing her again, no regrets or wishing I was still with her - it's made me realise that I did make a good decision in making a clean break. I think it will be better for her too, I hope everything works out for her - she's due some good luck and happiness.

    I've been on a few more dates last week, all the people I've met are quite interesting - but not the sort of person I'm looking for, for one reason or another. I think I am probably being quite choosy, but I'm quite a believer in Chemistry.

    There is someone I've been chatting to for the past week who really seems really nice, she's even into her cars and drives an MGF!! We're both having quite a laugh about the fact it's our mums who've set us up (they work together). She used to also work with my mum a few years ago, so already has the 'stamp of approval'!!

    Apart from that, I've got a funky new mobile (Ericsson K800i) and tickets to see Basement Jaxx in Manchester on Dec 7th!!! WhoooHoooo!!!!
  • 02/11/2006

  • Still not finished the ceiling...

    Yup, I've still not finished painting the bathroom ceiling, I'm full of good intentions but just can't get around to finishing it. Either I've always got somewhere to go or people around at the house (once you get your own place you suddenly realise how many people you know). At least I've got a new battery in the smoke alarm, so now I'm not getting woken at 3am (why do they always run out at 3am - never ever when you're up and about).

    I went on the date with Helen on Tuesday, we got on really well and talked for a good few hours. She's emailed asking to meet up again, I probably will but will tell her I'm only interested in friendship. She was really nice, but I'm not really interested in her as anything more than mates.

    A friend of a friend has also asked to meet up with me. She actually first asked months ago but I didn't want to, after being told she's VERY high maintanence (if you're reading this Kelly, yep Shaun said you're high maintanence - kick his ass)!! To be fair she sounds quite a fun person, although not the type I normally go for at all (she's a blonde party girl and I prefer quieter dark haired women). Looks nice from her myspace pics though.. PICTURE

    My ideal women looks more like this one (yep, the guy with the big grin is me)...PIC1 and PIC2.

    There are a couple more people I've already arranged to meet before then off the dating website, Claire (teacher) and Kellie (yeah another Kellie but spelt differently, this is the screenwriter).

    Hopefully this weekend in between dates I'll manage to finish that darn ceiling!!!!!!
  • 29/10/2006

  • Too much of a good thing...

    I've decided since I used this diary as a 'blog' for the past few months, that even though I'm not in touch with Nat anymore - I'll still keep a diary on here anyway, it's actually been quite enjoyable (well, bar the reasons I first started).

    I've had quite a busy weekend since I decided it was time to get the house in some sort of order. First off someone came to install the fire on Saturday morning, but he couldn't do it when the chimney failed a smoke test big style!!

    Rather than smoke coming out of the chimney, it came out of the roof instead (yes, as in through the tiles). We opened up the loft to find it FULL of smoke!! I now either have to get a flue put down the chimney, or take back the fire and get a flueless one.

    After finding that, it turns out I was lucky the fire in the house wasn't working - otherwise there would have been a big carbon monoxide build up. So basically I would have gone to sleep one night, and probably not woken again the next morning!! That was a close call.

    With that out of the way I've put up part of my burglar alarm (me with a drill, seriously you have no idea how scary that is - ask anyone that knows me!!). I've also painted my bathroom ceiling!! I've got my doorbell but figure I'll leave it until AFTER Halloween before putting it up. I've also got new blinds for the kitchen.

    A mate at work said I should put a profile on a dating site as a laugh, so I did on Friday. In 2 days I've now had 9 women email me asking to meet up next week (edit: nope, just got another email - make that 10). I always said I was irresistible, but I was joking!!!! I'm thinking I might turn the profile off, it's getting a bit much replying to all these emails at the moment!

    So far they range from 22-35, they are teachers, health inspectors, screenwriters (my current fave - been having great conversations about Eureka and Buffy!!!), artists, nurses, snowboarding instructor (you can imagine how she looks). Maybe I'm being a little shallow, but I'm not interested in the ones with kids - I figure I would rather just have my own!

    I'm meant to be meeting one on Tuesday, I dont think anything will come of it (too soon after Natalie) but it will be nice to have some people in the area I can get to know and go out with.
  • 27/10/2006

  • End of an Era...

    I've now removed all the stuff about Natalie and me since we're no longer in touch.

    I'll miss her company, but it's probably best for us both. If she's reading this... I hope things work out for you and thanks for the good times.
  • 15/10/2006

  • In my new house!!! It needs a little work doing, but it's mostly ok.

    Living on my own will take some getting used to, it can be pretty lonely having nobody else around to talk to and the fact I'm a tad skint at the moment means I can't really go out much.
  • 22/09/2006

  • House move happens a week today!!! It's going to be strange moving, but really looking forward to being in the new house.
  • 10/09/2006

  • Went to see the Robbie Williams concert in Leeds yesterday with Nat, it was a great day and a fantastic show (some of you may have seen it on Sky).
  • 06/09/2006

  • House move is progressing quickly, I expect to be in my new home this month :)

  • My other car (Mondeo) decided to die on me, rather bad timing considering all money is currently tied up in the house move. Luckily it wasn't the cambelt, but stuck valves. They've all been cleaned up and the car is running ok again now.

  • 31/07/2006

  • Page about my visit to Loch Lomond back in June is added, I was visiting here when I was just first getting back with Natalie after years apart.
  • 22/07/2006

  • LOZ UTILS page goes live, this will provide software I've written to work in conjunction with NetVU connected machines
  • House purchase is going through, survey came back saying the property is maintained to an exceptionally high standard and requires no work
  • 06/07/2006

  • I've put in an offer on a 3 bedroom semi detached house in Leigh, which has been accepted!! Can I afford to keep the CRX now the house purchase is happening??
  • 04/07/2006

  • Back from 2 days in Valencia working with one of our repair centers.
  • 03/07/2006

  • Mark Lamond emails me wiring diagrams for the VT and siR dash. This could be exactly what we need to finish the car. A HUGE thanks for Mark to sending me this information.
  • 26/06/2006

  • Added photos to pages done on 23/06/06. Pages loaded ok but FTP server crashed before pics were up.
  • 23/06/2006

  • Added info to Forged Engine Build page.
  • Added page about Spa Francorchamps race in Belgium
  • Added page about IFSEC 2006 Exhibition in Birmingham
  • It's my 30th birthday on Sunday!!!! (Thank you to Nat for teasing me about it non stop)!!!!
  • 03/06/2006

  • Drove down to System-R in Woolston to check on the car. Since we couldn't find a Jap siR loom we used a UK VT one which we thought would be ok, but it's not!
    The part of the loom that comes over the dash to the dials has a different plug, with 4 less wires than the Jap plug for the dash has.

    Now it's a case of trying to figure out what those 4 wires are, and will the other wires all be mapped out the same - the colours are different.

    The only other option is to get a siR loom and swapout the UK one (but that means pulling the car apart again).
  • Hello to Nat
  • 16/05/2006

  • Back from doing the IFSEC exhibition in Birmingham and the LMS race at Spa Francorchamps in Belgium.

  • I've now quit being part of the race team, it's taking up too much of my free time and weekends, time that I would rather spend doing something else.
  • 01/05/2006

  • Added info to Forged Engine Build page.
  • Added a page about the Istanbul LMS 2006 endurance race.
  • Added System-R to the links page
  • 11/04/2006

  • Back from 6 days in Istanbul at the first race of the new LMES season (now it's called LMS - LeMans Series).
  • 09/02/2006

  • Loom finally arrives at System-R. They'll now arrange some time to start working on the car.
  • 05/02/2006

  • Added a page about the IIPSEC buildup.
  • Added a page about Dubai (Intecsec) trip.
  • 03/02/2006

  • Pop to System-R to check on progress, turns out the loom still hasn't turned up.
  • I take a look at the existing loom, it looks like Impact Audio got totally lost in what they were trying to do - even their own notes which they left in the car do not make any sense. I'll be looking for them to reimburse me for part of the System-R bill since they've caused all this trouble, if not then I'll take legal action.
  • 02/02/2006

  • Back from a week in Dubai at the Intersec Security Exhibition, had a great time (and enjoyed the hot weather)
  • 17/01/2006

  • Nick from CRX-UK (who's house we stayed at, back in Jan 2004) and Dave Turner says they will be able to provide an ECU Loom...
    Honda made be hopeless, but you can always count on their owners!!!!
  • 16/01/2006

  • Honda say they cannot find a part number for the ECU harness (it would be nice if just one part of fixing this car went smoothly).
  • Now searching for a second hand one since I'm due to work in Dubai next week and need to get things moving before I leave.
  • 10/01/2006

  • System-R find that the ECU harness is a total mess. Only 1 out of 4 injectors was done and the wiring didn't even match the diagrams that Impact Audio were working to.
    Lesson here: If you're going to let someone mess with your pride and joy - make sure they have at least some degree of common sense and knowledge.
  • System-R say it would be easier and far cheaper to put in a new harness rather than trace and try to repair the mess that's been left behind by Impact Audio.
  • 09/01/2006

  • Car goes to System-R for them to check the ECU problems
  • 27/12/2005

  • Added a page about the Malta trip.
  • Added a page about MaxPower2005.
  • A few months back Impact Audio did some work on the ECU harness - the car hasn't started since. Impact Audio refused to take back the car and try to fix the problem they caused and have since moved premises to somewhere in Stockport.
    I've now had to approach another company which do a lot of Honda work and also are familiar with the Hondata system. The car is booked in on the 9th of Jan for them to sort the ECU harness and then map the car.
  • 05/12/2005

  • Back from a week in Malta at the Dedicated Micros Factory.
  • 28/11/2005

  • Took a quick (30 seconds) look at the ECU wiring and
    1... It was snowing and BLOODY COLD!!
    2... It's looked hard... so I gave up :)

    I'll just let the experts deal with it!!
  • 27/11/2005

  • Page about LMES race in Istanbul added.
  • 25/11/2005

  • Still not managed to check wires yet, but will be doing so on Monday!
  • 14/11/2005

  • Back from Istanbul. We won the race but missed out on the Championship by 1 point!
  • Will pop into garage at weekend to go over the ECU pinouts.
  • 09/11/2005

  • New Optima Battery is fitted to car
  • Attempt to start the car for 1st time since July but no signal to injectors? Need to recheck ECU Harness but off to Istanbul tomorrow morning!
  • 22/10/2005

  • Changed CRX info page
  • New oil feed pipe arrives
  • Goodridge braided brake hoses fitted
  • 25/09/2005

  • Added page about LMES race at Nurburgring
  • 23/09/2005

  • Come 2nd overall on DM Karting Challenge at 3 Sisters Track in Wigan.
  • In the 3rd heat I came from the back of grid to win race, overtaking Mike Newton (Le Mans 2005 winner) on last lap
  • Click here to see trophy
  • 20/09/2005

  • Turbo arrives back at Racemodz, just need oil feed pipe and it can all go back together.
  • 04/09/2005

  • At LMES race at Nurburgring. Mike and Tommy finish in 3rd.
  • The next race at Istanbul is the last in the series. They are just 3 points off the championship lead.
  • 14/08/2005

  • Back from a great LMES race at Silverstone. RML get a class podium finish! Now preparing for Nurburgring!!
  • 06/08/2005

  • A stolen car being sold in London is found to have parts off Mark Eleys stolen CRX, the seller is arrested!! Click here for info.
  • Added page about Mark Eleys car
  • Changed home page
  • 05/08/2005

  • Discover turbo has excessive play in the centre bearing and a crack in the centre housing, rebuild needed (ahhh crap!!!)
  • 03/08/2005

  • ECU Harness needs reworking, currently trying to find OBD0 to OBD1 wiring map
  • Turbo, ECU, Hondata & Exhaust system removed from car, taken to TOTB event for Mark Eley
  • Back from Spa Francorchamps race, utterly knackered - but also utterly elated, awesome weekend!
  • Added Spa Francorchamps page
  • 25/07/2005

  • Engine back together, will need a few flushes before we can tell if it's sorted the oil/water problem
  • Had a code zero on the ECU, turned out to be the cable from ECU to Hondata
  • Rear bumper is sprayed and fitted on the car
  • New bonnet is sprayed and fitted on the car
  • Went to JAE2005 at weekend, will be at Spa Francorchamps in Belgium for 24Hour race this weekend
  • 04/07/2005

  • Checked oil cooler and this seems to be ok
  • Head is now off the car, looks like either the Gasket was a problem or the head wasn't torqued down enough
  • Ordered new gasket and trying to find someone who has ARP Thread Sealant
  • 30/06/2005

  • Found that the engine has leaked water into the oil, this could be VERY FUCKING BAD, as in start from scratch again
  • 23/06/2005

  • Rear bumper and new bonnet ready for Bodyshop to paint and fit.
  • Pete from Racemodz takes car on road and finds it doesn't drive well when boosting. Possibly just timing.
  • Updated CRX Video Clips page
  • Hi Graham!!
  • 22/06/2005

  • Swapped 2 vacuum pipes on top of TB, car now idles fine!
  • 20/06/2005

  • New O2 Sensor fixes code41, car now has no ECU errors but still doesn't idle?
  • 18/06/2005

  • Code 14 fixed by swapping Knock Sensor and IACV Sensor
  • Car still wont idle, now has Code 41
  • Waiting for new O2 Sensor to arrive, hopefully this will fix the Code41 and the car will run
  • 17/06/2005

  • Car is almost finished and is started up. Code 14 issue needs sorting.
  • Updated CRX InCar PC Page
  • Updated Forged Engine Page
  • Changed frontpage
  • 09/06/2005

  • Car gets towed back to Racemodz, time to put the engine back in
  • 07/06/2005

  • Purchased Greddy Profec Remote for Boost Scramble
  • Updated CRX Info Page
  • Updated Forged Engine Page
  • 05/06/2005

  • Purchased Fidenza Flywheel
  • 30/05/2005

  • Added more pics of forged engine at Racemodz
  • Added videos of my CRX
  • 29/05/2005

  • Added Incar PC info (better late than never hey)
  • 24/05/2005

  • Order Apexi Auto Timer (Turbo Timer)
  • Update CRX Info, Add IFSEC 2005
  • 18/05/2005

  • Get original Chip back off Mark and an extra chip containing the next map for forged engine
  • 28/04/2005

  • Honda S2000 Digital Dash bought for fitment to CRX
  • 27/04/2005

  • Forged engine finished (outside of car)
  • 10/04/2005

  • Sent ECU chip to Mark Eley for remapping
  • 28/03/2005

  • Crx Info page updated
  • JAE2004 & Turbo Build info added
  • Forged engine page added
  • 27/03/2005

  • New Guestbook is added to site, old data imported across
  • Get B&M Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Engine bay is cleaned using CD2 from Halfords (really good stuff)
  • 19/03/2005

  • Racemodz Manchester do new seals and pressure test on head
  • 12/03/2005

  • Engine block collected from TK Auto, delivered to Racemodz Manchester
  • Gearbox collected from Dalins, delivered to Racemodz Manchester
  • 28/02/2005

  • Fly to Johannesburg in South Africa for a week with work (Hi to my SA mates at RGB)
  • 19/02/2005

  • Engine block delivered to TK Auto for Sleeving and Forged Rebuild
  • Gearbox delivered to Dalins for rebuild with Steel Caged Bearings
  • TK Auto added to links page
  • 31/01/2005

  • Forged engine parts arrive from Miami
  • CRX Info page updated with Forged parts list
  • Forged Parts supplier added to links page
  • 17/01/2005

  • Site Diary Created
  • Info on pages reordered to show most recent at top of pages
  • CRX Info page changed to give brief info on Turbo & PC setup
  • Menu structure changed, non active turbo links in place, guest book temporarily disabled
  • Car off road for forged engine build